Friday, March 21, 2008

Disaster Steamed Eggs?

What do you think? Disaster? Or just plain ugly? LOL!

I got tempted by Singarishgirl's Steamed Triple Eggs and decided to steam minced meat eggs for dinner. This will be my 2nd time making the steamed eggs as my first time was unsuccessful and I was never tempted to make it again. This time I'm using Soy & Pepper Chawanmushi recipe and pray for the best. Oh well, not exactly the same, but I used the 3 eggs and 500ml water/stock measurement.

It turned out way better than my first attempt. The outer ring of the steamed eggs was actually very smooth. Actually it was smooth but got lots of liquid came out from the ground turkey (Note: Ground pork would be more fragrant). I marinated the ground turkey with soy sauce, white pepper and sesame oil and mixed in some "chai po" (Chinese preserved veggie). See, the oil also came out from the ground meat and made the surface looking like that. And my whole piece of ground meat floated to the top instead of stayed down nicely. Anyone knows why? Is it because the liquid amount is very high in this steamed eggs recipe and made the meat float? I ended out steaming mine for 40 minutes. I guess it's because mine was a big bowl as compared to her individual smaller bowls. But I like how smooth the steamed eggs tasted and will certainly make this again (my girls loved it too, but not the hubby though) without the ground meat and try the oven version. :o)


Yee said...

Hi C, You made a brave attempt. Way to go! It does look smooth and I bet it tasted wonderful, considering your girls loved it. Maybe the 3rd try will be just right =) Keep it up, C. Now I feel like steaming me some egg..

Anonymous said...

Oh steam eggs! I have been trying so many times to get a nice smooth and silky top of steam egg. At one time I just stand in front of the steamer and look at it to set. Once set off the fire. LOL

SIG said...

Maybe too ambitious with too much filling? Haha. Ground meat and chai po? Maybe less meat? I will try this smooth recipe too. I don't know, am just offering my suggestions.

tigerfish said...

Looks like volcano crater....
I have not done this "style" before. When I add meat into steamed eggs, it's not whole piece like that. I will add the minced meat by squashing them into bits, then drop into the eggs and steam it. And usually I will cover/wrap the top with a Saran wrap so that liquid from any condensed steam does not go into the egg mixture.

The reason because it floats might be because the egg (and esp water in it) starts to boil and the bubbles beneath pushes the meat up? Just based on guessing.

Did you start steaming when the steaming water is cold or when steaming water boils?

Beachlover said...

I think you put too much water for your steam egg.Usually I put more egg and just few drop of water for steam pork egg.It's come out like'tau fu fah" on the top..Mishu love this dish.Try not to put too much water,maybe just few spoon if you steam pork wt it.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Louisa, thanks for your encouragement. :) I will try again soon!

SueSue, my mom said to get a smooth top, one needs to cover the bowl before steaming. I think she covered hers with a plate.

D, thanks for your suggestion. I will make again without the ground meat. :)

Tigerfish, I start steaming mine when the water boiled. I covered mine with foil because I'm scare the Saran wrap will melt. I will try your version of putting in the ground meat next time. :) Thanks!

Beachlover, I think so too. Asian steamed pork egg is different from Japanese chawanmushi. Wrong experiment but now I know better. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Like beachlover said, I think it's too much water too. For me, I also add very little water if I make the steam pork egg. But if I make the smooth one without meat, I usually do 1 cup egg to 1 1/2 cup water portion.

Anonymous said...'s the trick to smooth steamed eggs. You have to stand by the dish and "jaga" it. Need to remove the wok cover after a few minutes so that the water from condensation doesn't drip back on the egg and make it all wet and pimple like. So, uncover wok lid, tilt it so that condensation water runs down and replace wok cover. Repeat process till eggs done. As for egg to water mixture ratio, it is 1:1. Hope that helps.

Unknown said...

i always love disastrous attempts hehehe this one looks like a yummy disaster *grin*

Sweet Jasmine said...

i love smooth chawanmushi....and this one looks like maybe too much water and over steaming....try using 400ml to 3 eggs ratio...i used to wrapped up the cover of wok or pot with a soft muslin cloth...( nappy napkins) to prevent condensed water from flowing into the food....and try to use a shallow bowl when steaming eggs to get an even heat over the eggs when steaming...onb low heat...guess thru trials and errors will make you into a better cook....will cook this some day and will let you know the results..

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks blurmommy for your input. :)

Thanks Anon!

Haha, thanks Rita. :P

Thank you Sweet Jasmine. Can't wait to read your post on this. :) :)

Nilmandra said...

Aww it's a crater! :D I'm glad you liked the smooth texture but the chawanmushi recipe I think has a lot more water than the Chinese steamed egg recipes that I use for something like your dish. I also use minced pork, marinate, put into a dish a dish and then pour over the egg mixture and steam, but definitely with less water.

When marinating the pork, I add some cornflour also, to bind the meat and adds a silky texture. Maybe that also helps?

Big Boys Oven said...

come come let the boys show you how to steam egg! lol!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks for your tips Nilmandra. Will keep that in mind. :)

LMAO!! BBOven, funny lah!

Unknown said...

Try this and hope it works for you. From memory as have not done this for a long while.
1 cup egg to 1,5 cups of liquid (can use fish stock or mix with milk etc). DO NOT beat the egg, stir gently so it is not bubbly. Strain the egg mixture (something to do with the protein of the egg). Make sure the steamer is really hot then lower the heat as excessive heat will make it go wrinkly (crater like). Steam on low heat for 15 mins. Do tell us if it works for you. All the best.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks John and Ginny. Perhaps I should try to steam eggs again. :)

ondeonde said...

The trick to smooth steam eggs are:

1 egg add 1/2 egg shell water.
Add the flavouring eg. salt or soy sauce or pepper (to your fancy
Mix all well
Never fully cover the cover of the wok
Leave a small hole at the side for the hot steam to seep out.
After 10 - 15 minutes (depends on how many eggs you are using) poke the steam egg with a chopstick.
If liquid egg still oozes out, meaning its not done yet.
If liquid egg does not ooze out, then its done and ready.
Drizzle with some sesame oil and some soy sauce if you have not added any flavouring.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks ondeonde. :)