Friday, January 25, 2008

INA Oriental Seafood Pan Mee

Usually Sat & Sun are my days off from cooking. We combine dining out and Chinese take out for these two days and I just glad that I don't have to think of what to cook. But sometimes in order to save money, I would cook for Sunday dinner. The above is an example of those days. I wanted to try this new product that is offered at INA Oriental Seafood Pan Mee that is flavored with abalone and scallop definitely sounded attractive. So, I grabbed the noodle and told my hubby let's try this noodle tonight. I took out some prawns, assorted fish balls, tofu and baby spinach and I was all set.

This INA pan mee is the thin version as you can see from the picture above and I totally loved it!! I actually much prefer this thinner version than the original wide version. It really smooth to the throat and the soup was tasty too. It came with dried seaweed, dried corns, etc and thus when you eat the noodle, you can taste the flavor of seaweed too.

A cheap dinner for us. If we dine out, it would be $40-$50. Order Chinese take out would be $20. So, this $5 dinner is considered cheap. Satisfying nevertheless.

This is the picture of the noodle which I grabbed from Mytasteofasia website. For those who already ordered from that website, please give this noodle a try next time. For those who are living in the U.S. and misses M'sian food, this website really is a one stop shopping heaven for you, provided you couldn't find these products at your local Asian markets. Please go support my friend R online store, okay? :) As you can see, I love to help my friend promote his online store. :P


Indonesia Eats said...

I want some too :))

SIG said...

How clever. So much $$ saved.

Little Corner of Mine said...

He ships overseas. :)

Yeah, but would have save even more if I am a hardworking wife...hahaha...

Big Boys Oven said...

oh your pan mein look so delicously heaven... I am so hungry now! lol!
Do drop by my newly edited blog

Little Corner of Mine said...

Will do, was wondering how come no update in that blog for so long. ;P

jadepearl said...

I love Mee Hoon Kueh & Pan Mien!!! So sedap!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, 100% agree with you! Cook our own meal is definitely save a lot of money. Not only that, we can ensure that the food is cleaner, with more ingredients, and healthier.

bigfish_chin said...

INA Oriental Seafood Pan Mee ... thin one! I always love the thin Pan Mee compare to the thick one! Serve with Super Extreme Spicy Sabah Chili paste... wooowww!!!

Retno Prihadana said...

Hmm...yummy. It´s too far to get them.

tigerfish said...

Pan Meen? I made it before too but you know I added the korean/chinese rice cakes/nian gao into the broth/soup base I made! Hhahahahah!
Have not posted it yet though.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi JP,
I much prefer the thin pan mee, sedap!

Hi Celine,
Yup, but a lot of time I just needed a break from the cooking and cleaning after.

Hi Bigfish,
Yeah, go look for this pan mee, buy and try it, no regret!

Thanks Retno,
Yup, too far can't really justify the cost.

Hi Tigerfish,
WOW, can't wait to see your version!

Anonymous said...

I just ordered lots of instant noodles from this site last night! Yep, those are the noodles I can't even find here, looking forward to receiving my package!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yay Lin! You will be so happy to receive the package, opening it is like opening present. LOL!