Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chocolate Coffee Topping Mexican Bun

Made Mexican Bun with chocolate coffee topping the other day. I used coffee emulco & some instant coffee and found that I couldn't taste the coffee flavor. Perhaps the cocoa powder was over powering the flavor of coffee? Still need to experiment more with the topping. But here's the chocolate topping recipe.

Chocolate Flavor Topping

1/3 cup sifted cake flour

1/4 cup sifted icing sugar

1/2 stick of soften butter (or 1/4 cup)

1 egg

2 Tbp. Hersey cocoa powder


Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Whisk until all blended and put it into a piping bag and pipe spiral on top of each bun. Bake in 375'F for 8-10 mins.

For the buns:

Use any basic sweet bun recipe. The filling will be salted butter straight from the fridge. Cut into cube to use as filling, about 1/2 Tbp. for each bun.


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice to me. Can u share your recipe pls. tks _kirsten

Little Corner of Mine said...

K, I'm still in the experimental stage so I don't have an exact recipe yet. I'm still not satisfied with the result. But if you are happy with only the chocolate flavor topping, then I might be able to work something out for you. It will have crunchy sweet topping with chocolate flavor.

Anonymous said...

Tho ur still in the experimenting stage for this bun recipe, it still looks good tho, seems to me very tempting cocoa bun :D

Little Corner of Mine said...

It's a successful recipe if you want a cocoa flavor bun. But what I wanted is strong coffee flavor bun so will experiment until I get really strong coffee flavor. Will have to wait until I moved I guess.

Anonymous said...

I made this bread last week and i followed your recipe. I also pipe spiral for the topping on top of each bun, but the result turn out different. It still in the shape of spiral when the breads were out of the oven. Could you tell me how to make it spread all over the bread like yours. Thank You so much.


Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Ai, still maintain the spiral shape, that's the first to me!

My thought is your filling is too hard, did you use soften butter and cake flour? You can try by adding a little more butter, make sure you whisk until it's soft and pipeable. The topping should spread out like mine. Try that and let me know cause now I'm curious!