Sunday, August 21, 2005

A Way to Eat French Bread

My hubby took me to an Italian restaurant last week. This restaurant served a kind of bread, looked like french bread but only about 6 inches long. And the way they served it was to present you with a plate of some dried herds and then sprinkle some extra virgin olive oil on it. You ate it by tearing some of the bread and dipped into the olive oil mixture. Oh man, can I say good! I saw people dipping bread in plain extra virgin olive oil on TV, but never really though of eating a bread in that way, you know what I mean? But after this, after I got home I have to make my own since I have lots of dried herbs in my pantry anyway. So, I came out with this mixture (not sure whether it's the same, but it was pretty good).

Simple Dip for French/ Italian bread

A few sprinkles of dried basil
A little salt
A few sprinkles of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

1. Place the dried basil and salt on a plate and sprinkle the EVOO on top and serve with the bread.

So easy and yummy as well. And EVOO is good for your heart!! So, do try it and let me know whether you like it or not.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Ching! I love going to Italian restaurants here, and their way of eating bread is certainly yummy :D

Alicia said...

Try it with some roasted garlic, it's really good too.