Thursday, April 07, 2005

Heart Shape Kuih Bangkit

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This was the kuih bangkit I made for Chinese New Year. I used Hugbear's recipe from It was the best kuih bangkit I had ever made and definitely a keeper recipe. The kuih bangkit was crispy when you bite into it and then simply melt in your mouth all at once. Sooo good!


Anonymous said...

u learnt it frm kitchen caper? did it mean u need to be in her class,then u can go into the recipe site? i cant register into her recipe site.why is that so? do you know?

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi Anon,

I didn't learn it from kitchen caper (KC). But I got the recipe from one of the members in KC.

Sorry to say that the owner stop accepting member at this time. But next year she will charge Singapore $20 membership fee per year for those who are interested. So, it will open to public beginning next year who pay the membership fee.