Saturday, March 19, 2005

Evy Latest Picture

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This is the most recent picture of Evy. We took it at Lily's house when we were invited to celebrate CNY and her son in-law birthday. My daughter is getting big! *sob sob* And yet I do want her to grow up, mostly to walk so that it will be more fun to bring her to the park, Zoo, and do some outdoor stuff together.

She is a smart baby though. She learned how to wave bye bye, give kisses, blow kisses, claps hands, put thing in box, pick a book for me to read to her and point out the chocolate and cookie in the pictures. Oh yeah, did I tell you chocolate is her favorite. * smile* Oh, she also knows where is her head and nose and throws ball. However, she is still not taken her first step yet. She could stand on her own for awhile, but she is such a careful little girl that she won't practice standing, whenever we put her up to stand alone, she would just sit back down. I was are you going to learn how to walk like this? *hehehe* Hopefully she will be bold enough and start walking soon, as Spring is approaching and I couldn't wait to bring her out exploring a bigger size of the world.


Edith said...

wow! A picture beautifully taken.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks precious moments!

Lazyg3r said...

Hi ya Belachan,
What a pretty little lady you have!