Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic

We loved sweet potato leaves and I often buy this so that we have a variety of green vegetables to enjoy. This is a dish similar to what we ordered in Malaysia and I realized that this simple stir-fry can be equally delicious. Something so simple can be so tasty! Stir-fry with sambal belacan is not the only way to enjoy sweet potato leaves, even though this is the most popular method. I noticed that an easy stir-fried with garlic can be equally divine from my recent trip home. Evy especially loved this and said this is her favorite veggie dish. If you haven't tried this method, DO TRY! I'm not kidding you, it's delicious!


  • Sweet potato leaves, trimmed and washed
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 tsp. chicken granules
  • 1/4 cup water


Heat oil in wok. When heated, add in garlic, fry until slight golden, add in sweet potato leaves. Stir-fry for a little while, add in salt, water and chicken granules. Stir-fry to blend well and serve hot. Sprinkle the top with some crispy shallots if you want to.


pigpigscorner said...

This is one of the very few veg I actually like but I can't find it here! Looks really delicious!

Food Promotions said...

Nice dish. Just a suggestion, maybe you can add in some century egg too.

Pearl said...

<3 potato leaves!

Anonymous said...

What is potato leaves called in malaysia ? do you get Asian store in US ? thanks

The Cooking Ninja said...

I love stir-fried sweet potato leaves. My mom always stir-fried it with just garlic and freshly cut chili padi. Delicious!

Beachlover said...

look good and mellow with just garlic!! it's funny when we are in Msia,we don't really care for this vegetable,all over and cheap too! now in US ,this potato leave is like gold!

SIG said...

I love this too, especially when my grandma used to cook it with chilli. I miss that.

Food For Tots said...

Looks so delicious! The version I tried before is stir-fried with belacan.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh that's too bad pigpigs. Luckily I can buy it at the Asian market here.

Thanks for the suggestion Food Promotions, but I don't buy century egg. :P

High five Pearl!

Yes Anon, we have Asian supermarket in US where we buy our Asian supply. I called it "hong chu heok" in Hokkein.

That's delicious Cooking Ninja.

Yeah lor beachlover. My mom actually planted this at her backyard. Free veggie some more, hahaha... Here this veggie is expensive.

SIG, cook some lah!

Thanks food for tots. Next time try this non-spicy version, surprisingly good man.

tigerfish said...

I like this vegetable too!

Judith in Umbria said...

I have never heard of this vegetable, but it sounds terrific. Could I grow it in Italy? Do you know where I could buy seeds? Iìll be in the USA soon and could get them while there.

Little Corner of Mine said...

High five Tigerfish!

Hi Judith, sorry I have no idea. I'm not good in gardening and never plant anything of my own. Also not sure whether you can buy the seeds because I don't shop in that section. I am not sure whether it's the leaves of the potato or not, let me ask my mom first. Really sorry, I am of no help at all. Perhaps you can try looking for it in the Asian supermarket, it's either called sweet potato leaves or potato leaves.

noobcook said...

I luv the sambal version but garlic one is great too because you get to taste the natural sweetness of the veggie more :D

chumpman said...

Sweet potato leaves ? I heard about it and saw it in market but haven't try yet. Wonder how does it tastes ? Similar to 'tong choi' ? It's pretty cheap in HK, should have a try.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Chumpman, not sure what is 'tong choi', but if you see sweet potato leaves in your market, pick one and try it. We loved it.