Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stomach Flu

What is a stomach flu? I have no idea before until it strikes my daughters. Out of the blue, Edda started to throw out one night. We thought it was a one time thing, cleaned her up and put her to bed. Then, the next morning the same thing happened again. Whatever she ate, out it came, even my breast milk! So, the next day we made an appointment and brought her to see her pediatrician. Then, the pediatrician explained it was a stomach flu, it was a virus that has been going around. Asked me not to give her milk, ice-cream and greasy food. Just something light and mostly water or Gatorade, just let her body cleaned or cleared itself. So, I mainly gave her fluid the next day and no vomit from her. The following day, she started to show interest in food again so I gave her a little here and there and watched what happen. Well, it turned into diarrhea, so she had been diarrhea the whole day. On the third day, she was back to her normal self again. And then it was her sister turns to throw out. Luckily we knew the pattern already, so only fluid for Evy the next day and she did well, no vomit. The following day, she started eating and she diarrhea the whole day and on the third day, she had recovered. I guess I got infected as well because I too got diarrhea for a day and felt like vomiting the next. This stomach virus flu is indeed infectious and messy (as in cleaning after your little ones). Too bad I have no idea how to prevent it, washing hands all the times?


Beachlover said...

Poor all of you!!..I never experience this problem so far ,touch wood!.Mishu hardy get sick when she growing up now but she always said 'stomachache'when she refused to eat her rice.Lame excuse,that I won't force her to eat anymore.i dunno who teach her that trick!!hahaha!!.But I heard if she go to school she can easily bring virus home wt her .Yes,washing ahdns always can prevent some illness,my hubby wash his hand many many time aday.Hope you feel better now:))

Anonymous said...

Poor u. It is very contagious, I had it once before, u feel like pooping and vomitting at the same time. Hope u all feel better.

singairishgirl said...

Poor girls and mummy too. Stomach flu is bad. My girl got it the previous trip back to Ireland. The night before we were to fly off, she started throwing up over n over and we went to the gp. The stupid guy refused to give her a jab to stop it even though we were pleading with him that we were flying off in the morning. In the end we had to postpone that flight and the connecting flight cost us hundreds of dollars all wasted. All because one stupid man refused to give the appropriate treatment. We went to the paed the next morning and he gave jab without us even asking. By the afternoon, it was as though she was never ill. The next day hubby went down to the gp to get some suppositories for our trip and he had the cheek to say, oh, you haven't left yet? I wanted to bang his head against the wall!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Thanks Beachlover & Anon,
We are well now.

Hi D,
I didn't even know there is a jab to stop all this! Nothing was given to my girl when she saw her ped.

Passionate About Baking said...

Just read this post. Stomach flu is contagious. It can spread. What our GP usually give is stomach pain medicine or vomit medicine. Other than that, no other medicine. I also don't know how stomach flu comes about, but I think it's like HFMD, it spreads from one person to another. So just be careful. I'm glad you're all back to healthy state again. :)